Microsoft Surface

Mind Map behind the idea of this video.

Colour treatment: I used logo colours as the foreground and Dark Blue as the background from the Microsoft Brand Guide shown below.

I tint brand colours, make surface-like motion, and bold typography animation to embed Microsoft's brand identity.

The Surface range is designed to enable seamless usability for creatives, so I used smooth and seamless transitions.


Branded Content for Microsoft Surface

Role: Scripting, Voice-over, Audio Processing, Art Direction, Animation

[ This is a fictional project based on the brief created by Microsoft Surface from D&AD New Blood Awards 2018]

The challenge is to create a short film to spread Microsoft's mission: empower everyone to do and achieve more. The challenge here is to dispel preconceptions of technology and celebrate captivating storytelling that translates into engagement with the Microsoft Surface. It is to avoid cliche but about embodying the spirit of the brand through film. This is a branded content. A more outre approach may speak to the brand and inspire consumers. The target audience is those - student or professional - who put creativity at the heart of what they do.

My proposal is to produce a 90 seconds video, a letter written to "technology", a manifesto that reconsiders the relationship between us (the creative being) and technology. I've also made a documentation video (by using Giphy images just to interpret the idea) here. 

I used UX methodology to develop this whole project. My role covers everything - scripting, voice-over and video production. There're heaps of research behind it. It was huge, but a great opportunity to have an idea, create content by myself and develop a working prototype. See my research statistics and presentation here and full project documentation here.

Most footage used are under Creative Commons, some others I created myself.

Side Note:

The whole idea is that, technology is just a product of creativity. Microsoft Surface embrace people’s creative talent by giving them the technology to excel.

“Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire,
you will what you imagine, and at last, you create what you will”

- George Bernard Shaw