Old Robollox Show



Below are my presentation slides

The Robollox  Show

Art Direction, Editing, Animation

Rob Bollox is a broadcaster, reviewing sports, Emerdale Farm Soap and some conspiracy segments, with the New Zealand Media personality Mickey Havoc, in 95bFM radio station based in Auckland. The goal of this project is to create a personal branding around Rob Bollox, by design animation for Rob's podcast that showcases his character and his expertise, by any medium. Rob doesn't like to be in front of the camera, but he wants people seeing him as who he is. 

I undertake the full project design and strategy, and use my area speciality, animation, to pitch to the client. I made a clip from one of his conspiracy podcast "Can you Adam and Eve it?", one episode "Message from the Water" - a  New York Times bestseller book and a documentary by Dr Masaru Emoto

The book describes the ability of water to re-transmit human feelings and emotions - can heal people. This episode got lots of attention when its first released in bCast

Making this animation takes the following procedures:

1. Design Rob Bollox animation figure.

2. Edit a Full 15 minutes podcast into a <2 mins trailer teaser.

3. Modelling image-based lip sync in Crazy Talk.

4. Plan structure of the content, VFX and storyboard.

5. Gather resource and animate.

I used UX methodology for this project, starting from research, data collection, ideation, modelling, prototype, to proposaland presentation. See my full project documentation in this trello board.