About see e-motion

  • Visual storytelling with empathy.

  • Design motion to provoke emotions and connection.

  • Craft experiences that make a difference.


Seeing the Goal

See e-motion aims to craft user experience and connect audiences, when they are seeing the work and feeling the mood created by the work. Audiences have feelings, thoughts, and emotional responses. Imagine a design that’s pretty and you say “that’s cool” and walk away, but another design that provoke smiles before the screen. Every experience is a narrative. Motion design creates that experience by effectively telling stories that engage, empower and empathise.


Who is See E

Siyi (my name, pronounced as “See E”) specialises in transforming people’s ideas into stories that connect and influence, especially setting those ideas in motion. My natural empathy drives excellence from concept development to implementation, that is showcased in the portfolio. Welcome to a world of visual stories and creative adventure!


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