Copy of Motion


Motion Reel

First motion reel, combine the work between 2016-2018




FCP Training Video Series 2015-2016

role: art direction, design, animation.

FCP training is a service provided to staff and owners of restaurant in New Zealand to adapt the new 2016 Food Control Plan required by City Council.


A series of Training videos:


Sonna Audio Game APP 2016

Role: Animation

Sonnar Audio Game Hub is a set of eight experimental arcade videogames that use audio as its primary interface – making them accessible for both sighted and non-sighted users. My role is animation with a given pencil-sketched storyboard.


Music Video | Thunder [w/ triangular LED screen mask]

Role: Animation

This piece of music"Thunder" is produced by Equippers Church NZ. All right reserved.


APP for Open Home 2016

Role: Animation

A pitch to Harcourts in 2016, which the company is still implementing the APP.