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The Mission

Waveney Warth, came to national attention in 2008, when she challenged herself to live for one year, Rubbish Free. Since then, she leads a trend in New Zealand for zero rubbish living and a community of sustainable living.  She started an idea "Eco Buzz", a podcast about what is the single most effective thing people can do to live more sustainably, so that the listeners, or in other words, every  "non-expert" ordinary person can do it easily.

The Challenge

My role is to provide strategies and designs to make the podcast work that kiwis listen to, benefit from it, and act on it. My design and edits for the podcast shall be effective for Waveney to pitch to potential guests and investors.

The Gamble

A re-brand of "Eco Buzz" to become "The Conscious Podcast". The podcast forms a partnership among the conscious audiences, sustainable brands, and the mission-drive hosts. It forms a sustainable living community that embraces the busy, the ordinary, and the young generation, working together to win this war.

The main host is Waveney Warth. The co-host(s), is celebrity who makes all the jokes and acts as a representative of the listeners. The guest(s) is founder of authentic sustainable brands, mainly from New Zealand, make one practical suggestions each episode on making sustainable living easier in New Zealand. The target audience are conscious kiwis, those who cares about sustainability but do not know how to take practical actions. To have a focus and to be consistent for the listeners we're serving for, the first group of target audience are set to millennial. 

Current Outcome

The first episode is recorded with Co-hosts: Ben Barrington & Sam Bunkall, actors from Shortland Street. Eco-Allstar guest: Chris Morrison, co-founder of All Good Bananas and Karma Cola.

This is an on-going project. A new case study of this project is coming.


Title Design

Minimalist, Simple, “A better version of myself”





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