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12KM Horror Film

Title sequence Design Board


Footage Courtesy of Mike Pecci. This work was created as a assignment for the Design Bootcamp from School of Motion, Inc. All work is speculative, and created for educational purpose. Footage provided courtesy of "12 Kilometers" by its Director, Mike Pecci. Visit for more info on the film. 

[Fictional Project] 12 Kilometers is a horror film directed by Mike Pecci. It was recently accepted into the Boston International Film Festival, which requires a theatrical trailer for the film. Mike has cut a trailer, but it needs to be spiced up with some Design. Specifically, the opening title card and end card need to be designed, and it would be great to have some kind of transition from GFX to footage and back. Below is the trailer that needs the GFX for. 

My role is to design the opening title card, the transition to footage and include a couple of full frame shots from the trailer, a transition frame and the end card. The film is a throwback to 1980's horror movie like The Thing. 12KM was shot 2K with anamorphic lenses. It's dark, creepy and has an ominous tone throughout. The trailer GFX should reflect that.


"12KM is a masterclass in gut wrenching suspense in the best traditions of cinema"

- Russ Sheath Ain't it Cool News



Premium Beat

Art Direction, Design

Premium Beat Moodboard

Premium Beat Moodboard

Art Direction, Design 

[Fictional Project] Premium Beat is looking to create a :30 Anthem spot for their brand. The spot is called “The Perfect Song” and talks about how important music is to the creative video process, how great the Premium Beat experience can be, and is somewhat of an ode to the power of music. The entire spot must be boarded out and must go along with the script (as below). This spot will run online in various places such as YouTube pre-roll, Facebook video ads, Twitter ads... The client is targeting content producers, editors, motion designers, YouTubers, podcasters, hobbyists... 

Premium Beat Mind Map

Premium Beat Mind Map



NASA Expedition 100

Art Direction, Style Frames, Design Boards


[Fictional Project] NASA TV has edited a promo for a future show called “Expedition 100: Mission to Mars.” The client is looking for some graphics to spice up the promo, and a footage treatment to help tie everything together. They want the promo to look high-end and have a cool, techy vibe. Play up the scary factor. Client has provided a rough Edit (as below), of what the promo looks like. 

They want to see two Style Frame Options with corresponding Image Reference, and Design Boards showing footage treatment, full-screen title cards, show title + tune-in screen and NASA TV Logo.

Expedition 100 Moodboard



Converse Logo

3D Modelling, Design


Modelling Logo in C4D

[Fictional Project] Converse would like a :05 logo reveal animation to use on the end of videos they publish online in places like Social Media, YouTube, and possibly at the end of pre-roll ads. The client is looking for something high-end but authentic.



Urban Freestyle: Tokyo Throwdown

Design Boards, Art Direction


Block-out Sketch

Title Design